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With EvoLux


With EvoLux


EVOLUX is an aviation technology company that is advancing air mobility with a portfolio of digital technology solutions that modernizes distribution of, and access to, aircraft availability for a variety of on-demand, private aviation end-users.

EvoLux’s core offerings include aviation technology platforms for aircraft owners, operators, charter brokers, and private charter clients. EvoLux developed and operates a mixed-fleet air-charter marketplace and reservation management platform that encompasses a per-seat, self-aggregation SKYSHARE™ booking experience for travelers. EvoLux also licenses, white-labels, and customizes its core platform as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for aviation partners who wish to have their own reservation app experience for their customers to use when organizing and booking on-demand charter.

EVOLUX is your ACCESS to the SKY

EvoLux Technologies is advancing many areas of private aviation with a suite of unique SKY-as-a-Service software solutions

Private air charter reservations with a private travel advisor & personalized concierge services.

A social reservation tool for travelers to organize or join crowd-sourced, private air charters or tours by the seat.

Public or private, user and event destination partner generated, route-based discussion groups for travelers to propose and coordinate SKYSHARE chartered flight reservations.

Join EvoLux’s #OperatorAlliance Marketplace with a free operator fleet profile and upgrade your service offerings to your clients with a customized white-labeled web portal and mobile app booking solutions.

Advanced Aircraft Management Services – Digitizing Aircraft Ownership; We have an app for that!

White-labeled Charter Broker Reservation Tools (Coming Soon!)

Customized Aviation Management Software Solutions


EvoLux is revolutionizing the way customers access private aviation. In the past, private travelers would have to navigate the complex and fragmented industry without a centralized platform…

Stay in control of your company’s brand, maintain independence and sovereignty as an air carrier, and combat outside trends of the industry with an innovative crowdsourced booking solution…

We’re taking a traditional, boutique approach to aircraft management (Pre-Purchase Research, Inspection, Evaluation, Purchase Assistance & Acquisition, Flight Department Setup, Maintenance…

We provide charter brokers and channel partners with a white-labeled business platform of charter reservation tools.

About Us

EvoLux Technologies built a mixed-fleet air charter marketplace and reservation platform in order to simplify and streamline private regional air travel.

EvoLux’s technology platforms streamline managed aircraft and partnered FAA-certified operators’ availability directly to private regional travelers and those who wish to share and/or crowdsource chartered flights at seat prices comparable to commercial business class air travel.

EvoLux’s charter marketplace is made up of helicopters, seaplanes, turbo-props, and very light jets for short hops, and light, mid, super-mid, and heavy jet aircraft for larger groups and longer distance destinations.

Private aviation just got easier!

How to book private air travel with EvoLux!

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