EvoLux, with it’s White-labeled SKY-as-a-SERVICE (SaaS) software licensing solutions and charter reservation product offerings for end-users, is well positioned to tackle the increased demand for private air charter in a post Covid-19 world. EvoLux is pivoting efforts towards a more sustainable approach to the overall market opportunity and welcomes accredited investors to participate in our Seed-II / Series A qualified financing rounds. Join us and partner with industry pioneers who have identified a $4.5 Trillion global regional air travel market opportunity annually, established multiple revenue models within a sustainable digital infrastructure platform that empowers air charter operators of today to grow & evolve into the emerging Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Industry of tomorrow!

Helicopters, Turbo-props, & Light Jets are ideal alternative modes of transport, however inefficient market dynamics have inhibited the mass adoption of these private regional travel solutions. The majority of non-scheduled operators of these aircraft are inefficiently utilized and on average only operate 0.81 flight hours a day, when they have the ability to do 6 to 8 flight hours a day. These non-scheduled air carriers are restricted from operating like scheduled carriers and need a modern reservation distribution system with machine learning A.I. that allows for economies of scale to occur. By streamlining the quoting and reservation process, distributing operator location & availability in real and future time, and properly introducing the “shared economy” to private aviation across selected carriers, EvoLux is enabling regional travelers to self-aggregate on share flight reservations at a per-seat price point that will grow the US short-distance air travel industry from $1.6B a year to over $15B a year, within 3-5 years.

EvoLux has proven multiple private aviation revenue models and marketing programs, enjoying much success with limited resources, growing on revenues alone during beta testing between 2015 and 2018 with channel partnership launches and Phase-I of its nationwide charter platform launch, but has since encountered unforeseen hardships that forced a slow-down in development, operational pace and sustainable growth.

EvoLux is raising capital to properly focus on identified niches with tested solutions that will grow operator partners businesses and profit-center revenues while scaling up our comprehensive global platform vision.

Aircraft Owners’ Immersive Digital Experience:

  • We are raising a round of capital to improve our existing (Evo-Lux.com) platform’s user interfaces and enhance the user’s experience by introducing a newly rebranded, hyper focused Software-as-a-Service offerings with user experiences for consistent conversion optimization.
  • Using digital marketing click funnels with profoundly improved user interfaces, we will aggregate regional travelers who enjoy private travel at commercial pricing and share common event destinations / frequently traveled routes into social “SKYSHARE” travel groups for operator partners and brokers to coordinate services more efficiently and effectively.
  • We will help our operator and liaison partners target doctor groups, legislative staff, lawyers, lobbyists, corporate sales forces and travel departments on unserviced routes.

Seeking $3M Seed-II /Series A Qualified Financing Round

Use of Funds

S&M 45% – R&D 25% – G&A 30%

  • Customer Acquisition Programs
  • Accelerate User Adoption to Scale
  • Exceed 70 Flight Bookings a Week
  • Establish Operational Call Support Center
  • Iterate UI/UX for all user types
  • Improve Operator SaaS & Data License Dashboard Products
  • Global Distribution API’s
  • Scale up Activations and Event Destination Channel Partnerships
  • IP Enforcement-
  • Focused content and branded communications: PR, video content productions, marketing, advertising
  • Launch events and industry trade show participation
  • Build flight data analytics, advertising placement, as well as aircraft for sale / job board tab in operator dashboard for new revenue streams.

Company Traction

  • Tech-Travel Growth Company
  • 2013 Sikorsky Innovations Global Entrepreneurial Challenge Winner
  • $1.8M Revenues Generated during proof of concept between 2015 to 2018’s Beta Launches with limited marketing budgets
  • Live in 10 Metropolitan Regions
  • 300+ Aircraft Nationwide
  • Exclusive Reservation Platform for VertiportChicago.com
  • Partnership with Chicago Blackhawks promoting “Chicago #SKYSHARE Club” featured in Bud Light Party Commercial
  • Partnership with Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, N.A. for ‘Fly & Drive’ Events
  • Partnered with PGA Tour on TPC Sawgrass Heli-Golf Experience
  • Developed and delivered White-labeled Mobile and Desktop Apps for Operator Partners. This product & service is ready to scale up.

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