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EvoLux Transportation, LLC (referred to as EVOLUX™ “Eh-Vo-Lux”), is a Sikorsky Innovations (Lockheed-Martin Company) Award-Winning aviation technology company serving the entire United States, with global expansion aspirations. EvoLux’s core offering includes technology platforms for aircraft operator management, a regional mixed-fleet air-charter marketplace, and an industry-1st self-aggregation social reservation booking experience. EvoLux is advancing air mobility with a portfolio of technology solutions that modernizes access to aircraft availability for a variety of on-demand private aviation end-users.

Ray Leavitt, Winner of Sikorsky Innovation’s Global Entrepreneurial Challenge

In February of 2013, Sikorsky Innovations announced EvoLux Technologies Winner of its 2nd Global E-Challenge for our approach to solving some of the helicopter charter industry’s most challenging issues. EvoLux moved from Boca Raton, Florida to work along side Sikorsky Innovations at the Stamford Innovation Center in Connecticut where we were awarded technology development grants, raised outside seed capital, and transformed our prototype system into a nationwide, PCT patent-pending charter reservation environment and operator booking platform. Sikorsky became EvoLux’s first data license customer and during this time the EvoLux team on-boarded northeast helicopter operators, helicopter friendly destination channel partners, and developed strategic partnerships with BMW and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars for “Fly & Drive” track events to launch our beta reservation platform in 3 key US markets. Since then EvoLux’s charter and tour reservation platform has expanded nationwide and served as Vertiport Chicago’s reservation platform.

A Centralized Platform for All of Your Private Aviation Technology Needs!

Historically, EvoLux’s booking platform focused on regional helicopter charter and tours, but has since expanded to a mixed fleet of propeller and amphibious aircraft, as well as light, mid, and heavy jet aircraft operators. EvoLux’s SKYSHARE™ platform enables travelers to aggregate on common routes, and in event specific destination groups, in order to collaborate on shared chartered flights at seat prices comparable to commercial air travel.

As the world is constantly changing, so is EvoLux, and through the successful application of many direct to consumer, proof-of-concept (B2C) business and partnership models, EvoLux Technologies now feels that we can better service the industry as a whole by transitioning our B2C focused air charter platform towards empowering aircraft owners, operators and brokers with multiple B2B Software-as-a-Service tools and user experiences.

Ray Leavitt, FAU Business Plan

EvoLux and Rolls-Royce Motor Car’s Fly & Drive Track Event at Palm Beach Raceway

Rather than having to educate first class and business travelers of this platform directly, we are providing white-labeled versions of our platform to private aircraft operators and a set of SKYSHARE™ charter reservation tools for brokers in order to efficiently coordinate user flows and shift the regional air travel paradigm from commercial to private air travel.

While vertical lift will always be at the heart of our Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) future, EvoLux has decided to not just help with the vertical lift urban air mobility space, but focus its platform on the overarching advanced air mobility space. The overall industry of operators would be better serviced with a platform that allows them to remain competitive and not be in a position where they’re forced to sell out on their brand, their independent operational sovereignty, and overall business integrity to an industry conglomerate who acquires, consolidates, and roll-ups the industry to just shelve, dismantle assets, or put them out of business in order to take their market-share and customers. EvoLux feels that we can provide the same tools and technology platforms that will enable operator partners to remain competitive for the next 25 to 50 years, and stay sovereign, true to their customers, their brand, and their way of doing business.

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